This figure is a handmade decoration that shows a realistic depiction of Miss Fortune from League of Legends. It is made of high-quality materials, resin. It is 18 centimeters tall.

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Miss Fortune is a handmade resin figure that is the result of precise artistry and perfect design. This figure is made with great attention to detail and looks really stunning.

The first time you look at this figure, you will immediately be drawn to its realistic depiction of the character Miss Fortune from the popular game League of Legends. Her entire body is made of quality materials and looks lifelike, with perfectly crafted details, patterns and textures. Her face is also precisely modeled with strong features and an expressive gaze that reminds you of a strong, confident and courageous pirate.

In addition, this figure is made of resin, which is resistant to damage and will last for a long time as a decoration for your home. Its high-quality workmanship ensures that it will look great for many years.

This handmade Miss Fortune figurine is a great way to add something special and unique to your collection. It’s also a great gift for any League of Legends fan or anyone who likes to look at quality and precision made decorations.

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