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The blue eye is supposed to protect its owner from evil forces, anger or accusation.

We have only one size to choose from this product 50×50cm.

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Blue eye

The blue eye is supposed to protect its owner from evil forces, malice or slander. People believe that this symbol has the power to reflect these forces.

In Greece, you will also see larger depictions of the blue eye, for example as tiles in homes, chandeliers or decorations hung on house doors. People believe in the power of the blue eye not only in Greece, but also, for example, in Bulgaria, Egypt, Cyprus, and it is very widespread in Turkey, where it is called “nazar”.

This gift can be given to anyone at any time!

String art is a suitable gift for everyone and for every life event. Christmas, birthday, graduation or other festive event. The choice is endless and original! When you buy one of our original works, you will also receive a certificate of authenticity for free!

You can also find photos of the work on our Instagram -> https://www.instagram.com/p/CL4qIoqhFpi/

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