Mandala comes from Sanskrit and means “circle”. Mandalas are fascinating mostly circular shapes. Although it may contain symbols such as squares or triangles. Mandala symbolizes unity and harmony. ? The meaning of the mandala depends on its color, the meaning of the purple color is mystery and spirituality.

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Universal symbol of happiness – lotus flower

In many literatures, the lotus is an image of the beginning of the world or the origin of life. It is a symbol of rebirth, beauty, life, happiness, purity of spirituality, unity of microcosm and macrocosm, harmony of male and female origins. It also symbolizes energy for happy offspring, a growing family or happiness in marriage. If you want to attract all the mentioned things into your life, getting a decoration in the form of a lotus flower is the right choice.

The lotus has the ability to survive in adverse environments, such as swampy areas. It is often associated with the complex life processes that human beings have to face. The lotus flower is mentioned in many religions and cultures and is the muse of many artists. Some superstitions claim that if you place a lotus flower in your office, it can attract wealth or increased income. Who knows what the truth is. In any case, it will be better if you work at work and do not rely only on the strength of this comforting plant. A lotus flower placed in the bedroom or living room is supposed to guarantee a satisfied and happy married life. If you place a crystal lotus flower near the window, the captured sunlight will bring positive energy into the house and cleanse it of negative energy.

Meaning by color

Pink = love, femininity, intuition

Blue = emotional healing, inner peace, meditation


This gift can be given to anyone at any time!

A mug with a mandala motif is a suitable gift for everyone and for any life event. Christmas, birthday, graduation or other festive event. The choice is endless and original! When you buy one of our original mugs, you will receive a small gift with your order for free!



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