This figure is a handmade decoration that shows a realistic depiction of Yuumi from League of Legends. It is made of high-quality materials, resin. It is 13 centimeters tall.

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This figure is made of high-quality resin, which is worked to the smallest detail to create a perfect replica of this game character.

This figure is 13 centimeters tall. Her beautiful color rendering gives the figure life-likeness and allows you to feel as if you are right in her world.

The unique aspect of this figure is that it is handcrafted. This means that each figure is unique of its kind and is the result of hours of work by an expert who paid attention to every little detail. This figurine is not just a decoration, but a real work of art.
It can serve as a perfect addition to your collection or as a unique gift for a fan of this popular character from the game League of Legends.

Yuumi is a magical cat who goes on an adventure to find her true home. Along her journey, she meets many different characters and gains powerful abilities that help her fight evil and support her allies.

It is a product that deserves to be owned and kept as a treasured collection.

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