The Wednesday Addams figure is a detailed modeled character with a distinctive black outfit and hairstyle. It is 20 centimeters tall. It is made of high quality resin with precise details and is hand painted.

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Wednesday Addams is a cult character from the American TV series “Addams family”.

This figure is 20 cm tall, it is made with great attention to detail and the use of quality materials. It is made of resin, which makes it very detailed and durable. It can be exposed to different temperatures and weather conditions without damage. It is also hand painted with modeling paints.

Wednesday is shown in her signature black skirt and blouse with a white collar, wearing her signature brooding expression. Her long dark hair is braided and overall she looks like a real little goth.

This figure is the perfect accessory for fans of “The Addams family”. It’s a great option for everyone who wants to have their favorite character with them all the time. It is also a great gift for someone who likes unique handmade products.

With its precise and detailed production, this figure is a real work of art that deserves its place in every collection. Don’t wait and get or give someone a unique, handmade Wednesday Addams figure today!

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