This figure is a handmade decoration that shows a realistic depiction of Warwick from League of Legends. It is made of quality resin. It is 17 centimeters tall.

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This figure is a unique piece. It is hand-painted and represents a unique piece for every fantasy lover.

The high quality of the resin guarantees the durability and resistance of the figurine, so it can be used as a decoration for a long time. Hand painting means that each figure is unique and looks different from the others, but still remains a true copy of the game character.

The Warwick figure is ideal for fans of fantasy and RPG games, especially League of Legends, or for avid collectors.

Thanks to the precise hand painting, the Warwick figure excels in detail and looks very lifelike. Every detail, from the clothes to the claws on the paws, is precisely created and painted.

Warwick is a character from the popular online fighting game League of Legends. He is a melee champion, known for his strength and durability. Warwick is a werewolf driven by a primal instinct to hunt and kill. He is part of the “Shadow Isles” faction, which is known to be cursed and persecuted. The Shadow Isles is an area of Runeterra, the world where the game takes place. In the game’s lore, Warwick was once a great and respected leader, but he became cursed and now serves as one of the most feared champions in League of Legends.

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