The flower of life symbol is an ancient symbol found in many different cultures around the world. This symbol is most often found in the form of a circle with many flowers that intertwine and form a unified whole.

The flower of life is often considered a symbol of life, fertility and eternity. It can also be interpreted as a symbol of balance and harmony.

From this product we have a choice of two sizes, 50×50cm and 60x60cm.

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String art flower of life is a work of art that creates a flower of life pattern from simple threads and cloves. This pattern consists of a number of flowers intertwining in the form of a circle.

String art flower of life is made with great precision and care, which ensures that every single detail is perfectly coordinated and creates a wonderful view. Its beautiful shape and color combinations create an incredibly lively atmosphere that will decorate any place in your home.

String art flower of life is a real work of art that you will love for years. Its unique and charming design is a sure way to add some flair to your interior and create an interesting piece that everyone will look at in awe.

Enjoy the beauty of this string art flower of life and let yourself be carried away by its unique atmosphere.

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blue, green, red


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